Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 18 August 2022

Last week’s update is available at

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Very short week due to PTO.


  • Opened PR to merge systemd 251.4 from Debian unstable
  • LP 1979952 “Bind mount to NFS mount fails on Ubuntu 22.04”
    • Prepared SRU paperwork and staged patch for jammy
  • LP 1982462 “Some modprobe loading services requested by the pstore service fail”
    • Staged patch for focal


  • Responded to lots of upgrade bugs
    • Mostly issues causes by deadsnakes, pipewire-debian, and nodesource PPAs
  • Reviewed Brian’s MP for LP 1969786
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  • candidate interview
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  • subiquity
    • PR: 1385 - warn in logs if we have to override the partition type to logical during creation of a partition in an extended partition
    • PR: 1386 / LP: #1983036 - do review feedback for this PR, to fix intentional wipe on existing partition when using the same filesystem type.
    • Review PR: 1387, 1388
  • Learning more about livecd-rootfs and ubuntu-cdimage as part of netboot improvements. Working with @mwhudson’s netinst branch and continuing from there.
  • Open core-dev application, targeting August 22nd meeting
  • Candidate interview
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  • Updated preseed image PR with latest snapd code allowing suppression of snap download information
  • Created PR to support manual customization states
  • Merged all branches into a local branch and used it to successfully build Raspberry Pi images!
    • This has raised some issues in the pi-gadget that I have addressed in my own fork and will PR soon
    • Some features are still missing, so these images rely heavily on manual customization
  • Set up automatic autopkgtests triggered by pull request creation
  • Continued work on spread testing

Go 1.19

  • Packaged golang-github-marten-seemann-qtls-go1-19
  • Updated golang-github-lucas-clemente-quic-go to use Go 1.19
  • Re-ran syncthing tests against the two above packages
  • Uploaded new version of golang-github-go-openapi-spec to resolve FTBFS/failed tests with Go 1.19
  • Retriggered a few other tests that were just flaky
  • All of the above allowed golang-defaults 1.19 to migrate


  • Candidate interview
  • Sponsored a few packages for @enr0n +1 maintenance shift
  • Booking travel
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  • FTBFS reports
  • Proposed migration:
    • Worked on [MIR] lib*-perl for lintian 2.115 (LP: #1980662), finished libhttp-server-simple-perl and libwww-mechanize-perl, and managed to drop ibhttp-server-simple-perl
    • No-change rebuild of abinit to allow netcdf-fortran to migrate
    • Triggered migration-reference/0 tests for python-etelemetry to allow pytest to migrate
  • Sync’d the following TIL universe packages: cadabra2, mayavi2, dxvk and lnav
  • TIL universe merge of recoll
  • Sponsored ferret-vis upload for @Frank
  • Uploaded source-highlight fixing FTBFS with GCC 12
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Monday was a national holiday.


  • opened PR 1387 bringing to Subiquity the Ubuntu Pro support updated to the latest design.
  • started investigating LP: #1894009 where the user observed that the luks passphrase prompt at boot would not honor the configured keyboard layout. Turns out that running update-initramfs solves the issue. Right way to fix it is still to be determined.


  • on +1 maintenance this week, looking mostly at the ffmpeg transition
  • fixed FTBFS on olive-editor. The package still FTBFS on riscv64 but should be fixed in the next upload of opencolorio.
  • forwarded patch upstream to fix missing include:
  • rebuilt openimageio against openexr 3.1.5 ; which is a needed change to build opencolorio.
  • working on fixing opencolorio that was accidentally uploaded to kinetic without renaming the binary library package despite a soname change.
  • thanks to @schopin for the guidance this week and for sponsoring my work!
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  • Proposed VM changes for flash-kernel upstream
  • Wrote up investigation of unattended-upgrades persistent process (LP: #1955084)
  • More investigation of libcamera usage under Ubuntu (preparing kernel and libcamera bugs, specifically for the OV5647 module which doesn’t currently work, and that libcamera requires bumping upstream to support the Pi modules properly)
  • Investigated use of Arducam cameras with libcamera under Ubuntu; discovered some possible issues with building out-of-tree kernel modules (in the process of writing up bugs)
  • Testing Focal images for the forthcoming point release
  • Pi meetings


Did a full SRU rotation on Friday, processing many jammy SRU requests that were 2-4 weeks and had been held because of the point release



  • Fiddled with nrepl-clojure breaking britney; got a FTBFS on arm64, so ultimately rolled back arch: any nrepl-clojure in favor of the arch: all version. Also did britney brain surgery to stop it from looking for autopkgtest results for the new nrepl-clojure on s390x
  • Sent nag pings to flavors who have oversized daily images in focal, in advance of the upcoming final point release


  • Caught up on my TIL merges
  • Looked over output of grep-merges foundations-bugs and did merges of various Foundations-owned packages that were last touched by non-Foundations-Team folks:
    • gzip
    • gnupg2
    • schroot
    • brltty
    • pkcs11-helper
    • fribidi
    • anacron
    • open-iscsi
    • vim
    • git
    • nss-mdns
    • aptitude
  • Sponsored upload of libxsmm for @enr0n
  • Gave feedback on bpftrace sponsorship request from @enr0n
  • Fixed isc-dhcp after @mwhudson pointed out initramfs handling was broken
  • New upstream version of pam uploaded to Debian to fix a critical
    on systems using SELinux, I plan to
    get this merged into kinetic as well.
  • planning Prague travel for engineering sprint
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Fixed several bugs to prepare a new upstream release:

  • apport-kde: Drop old workaround for bug in SIP destructor (LP: #1980553)
  • apport-kde: Import apport before usage (LP: #1980553)
  • apport-gtk: Gracefully handle import failure of gi (LP: #1980561)
  • apport-gtk: Catch AssertionError when importing Gdk (LP: #1980238)
  • apport-unpack: Fix ValueError: [‘separator’] has no binary content (LP: #1889443)
  • Fix _run_hook getting called with ui=None (LP: #1983481)
  • Support APT .sources files
  • Query /etc/os-release for version codename
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Shorter week due to national holiday


  • Reviewed and sponsored openssl-ibmca, libica and opencryptoki for @Frank
  • Sponsored olive-editor for @ogayot


  • Investigating a regression in the test suite on architectures arm* and ppc64el


  • Third and last round of reviews on @slyon’s solid work on the VXLAN PR


  • Take-home test evalution
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