Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 1 February 2024

Last status can be found at: Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 25 January 2024

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default java 21:

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  • Working on bpftrace and bpfcc-tools MIRs


  • shim update waiting for review
  • GRUB 2.12-1ubuntu1 rebase waiting for review
  • LP#2041245 grub 2.12 uses single recovery instead of recovery
  • LP#2026310 UEFI boot entry named ‘ubuntu’ should be called ‘Ubuntu’
  • SBAT revocation tests in ubuntu-boot-test complete
  • Another python-uefivars fix waiting for both Ubuntu uplaod and upstream
  • [Planned] Work on network booting tests
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  • MIRs submitted for review:
    • trace-cmd
    • libtraceevent
    • libtracefs


  • Some tweaking on our GitHub runners
    • More investigation is needed to find who is managing them
  • PR # 176 - Update dependencies
    • Fixed and merged
  • PR # 181 - Replace debootstrap with mmdebstrap
    • A first implementation is done.
    • I know need to compare both solutions to spot differences
  • More work on LP: #2049695 since previous fix did not fully solve the issue
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  • Booked travel for next engineering sprint
  • Reviewed a take home test
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Armhf time_t


  • FOSDEM preparations
  • Booking for the next engineering sprint
  • Created the topic to next week’s report: Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 2024/02/08 , using a sane date format
  • Working on a simpler, more convenient,UI on top of git-ubuntu


  • From time to time it ends up in and endless loop I have provided a merge request to upstream.

Lichee Pi4A

  • I am looking into the MMC driver for upstream U-Boot.

Vendor image

  • I have been building an installation image for a silicon vendor but there is a problem with there Linux kernel to be solved.

RISC-V download page

  • The 24.04 download page has been prepared.


  • I reviewed a good bunch of applications.
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  • Setup 1.22 track for Go snap.
  • Working on FIPS support for Go 1.22.
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  • hiring
  • Pulse planning
  • Travel planning
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  • Finished u-boot merge (LP: #2051940); upload pending test builds
  • Working on power monitoring daemon for the Pi 5
  • Pi meetings
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On my first +1 maintenance shift this week.

  • spent half a day understanding the goals of a +1 shift, read +1 reports of the past few shifts
  • Re-triggered autopkgtests for lektor/onionshare vs. python-werkzeug (migrated)
  • Perl transition
    ldap-account-manager (bug report)
    livemonitoring-libstatus-perl (work in progress)
  • Other universe packages handled
    ccache (autopkgtest failures):
    - Started a discussion upstream
    - bug report and merge proposal
    asterisk-espeak (autopkgtest failure):
    - bug report and merge proposal
    - Debian merge request

OpenJDK Security Updates

Security PPA builds on LTS releases completed. Triaged a couple of jtreg failures (which look like flaky infra issues).


Adoptium Workgroup meeting
Travel prep work



  • Worked on refining the .NET snap PoC along with the .NET Snaps specification (FO-151).
    • When retrieving .NET binaries for installation, the installer tool no longer needs tarballs hosted on a file server, as it now retrieves debian packages from Launchpad for said components.
    • Worked on other improvements to make the JSON manifest cleaner
  • Attended weekly .NET partners sync meeting
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  • +1 - see report for details
  • subiquity
    • PR: 1900 - enable Noble and fix CI.
    • WIP for handling of cloud-init status changes
  • greenhouse
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  • Preparing the SRU for backporting 5.32 to Jammy and Mantic
  • Improving the testcase for the deadlock issue after upstream’s comment



  • Lunar EOL MP
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Once again a glibc week:

  • Sent out an announcement on ubuntu-devel about the upcoming upload and its consequences
    • Followed a few days later by a erratum because apparently I suck at reading dates.
  • Conversation with various folks about the actual timing of the upload
  • Bug investigation: libdfp AFAICT it’s an issue related to some effort to remove malloc from the printf machinery. Investigation still ongoing.
  • 2.39 is out! And with it critical security fixes, yay!
    • Currently working out the last kinks before it is ready for upload tomorrow night.
  • Usual load of hiring-related tasks.
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Ubuntu Packaging Guide

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  • autopkgtest db was accidentally lost on Monday, discovered by release team on Tuesday. In process of being regenerated from the swift data but this takes several days and in the meantime proposed-migration is basically not progressing because britney isn’t guaranteed to see the test results.
    • did some work to try to have britney fall back to direct swift access, which is what we used before implementing support for copying autopkgtest.db and accessing results via sqlite; but swift has migrated to a new location and new version since the last time we used that code and it doesn’t work out of the box.


  • debugging nvidia packages with wrong Phased-Update-Percentage in jammy-updates
  • discussion around rustc-1.74 (re)bootstrapping


  • out-of-cycle SRU review of livecd-rootfs SRU in jammy which has been lingering, in order to un-break Ubuntu Server daily image builds in run-up to 24.04.4.


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  • Mellanox SR-IOV handling improvements PR#439
  • Currently working to finish the netplan status --diff work. It includes changes in the backend and all the frontend + tests.
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  • Working on the presentation of autoinstall related errors in subiquity
    • Throw AutoinstallValidationError and don’t generate an apport report when processing invalid autoinstall data - (WIP) PR #1897
    • Generate a warning that in the future unrecognized top-level keys will no longer be silently ignored - (WIP) PR #1899
  • Working on updating the current autoinstall validation script to eventually advertise in the docs - (WIP) PR #1901
  • Streamline updating the schema reference in the docs - PR #1898
  • Investigating a Subiquity UI bug
  • Addressed some spec feedback and sent back out for review


  • Working on an MP to add running-autopkgtests to ubuntu-dev-tools
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