FOSSASIA Summit 2023 Quick recap

Last week, Me and number Korean folks organized a joint Korean community booth at FOSSASIA Summit 2023. 4 communities from Korea joined to setup a booth. Ubuntu Korea Community (Korean LoCo), C++ Korea, Women Who Code Seoul and Cloud Bandwagon. Of course, I joined as booth staff on behalf Korean LoCo.

By setting up booth, I could meet talk with other participants visited out booth and spread out what Korean folks do. Also, It was glad to meet Ubuntu folks @masafumiohta @fenris @jipangmenjerit once again since last Ubuntu Summit in Prague and UbuCon Asia 2022 in Seoul. I was also able to met some other folks I’ve met at DebConf18 and UbuCon Asia 2022.

I also delivered a short talk with other Korean community organizers to introduce what we do with some mention to UbuCon Asia, Ubuntu Summit and other UbuCons(UbuCon @ SCALE, EU, LA, etc) and reached out sponsor booth in exhibition area to ask if they would be interested to sponsor UbuCon and exchange contacts.

I plan to write report with more details later since I’ve got grant approved from donations funding for this trip. Thank you @kewisch @ilvipero and community team folks for approving grants :slight_smile:

It would be great if we can also setup Ubuntu community booth at FOSSASIA next year (heard the community team is interested in sponsoring event and increasing engagement next year)

This is a bit off topic - I got contact from COSCUP folks from Taiwan if i would be interested to setup booth at COSCUP this July. Perhaps we can setup ubuntu community booth with Taiwan LoCo folks @rjhsiao to promote Taiwan LoCo activities, UbuCons and more. - Just an idea at this moment :slight_smile:


Wow Taiwan is NAM-BA ONE!!!

And i like these active looks!

Thanks, from Byung-Hee

Just published the detailed report for FOSSASIA 2023 participation on Korean LoCo’s blog. You can read the posting by visiting the link below.