Folder-color support for Yaru Theme

So, the previous Ambiance theme was so important, it was included in the folder-color package.

But the Yaru is now out, so I am making an all-linux out petition to bring it back so we can convince theme support for the Yaru theme.

(In the related topics, I saw the post about the Yaru MATE theme, I will try to see if I can make that)

Vote here.

Good luck guys.


As long as no one is doing the actual work it won’t happen.
So go ahead and make a pull request, we are celebrating each new contributor!


To use the folder-color package, first you have to create the folders with other colours. Right now, we have only one colour, orange. Or, you can copy some folders from here and use this script to change folder colours. This was there before Yaru.

An example,
an example

It could be either Yaru-brown, or linked to the folder-brown-*, but still you have to create those coloured folders. Then, you have to match the Yaru application theme to the brown colour.

Example 2,
Example 2

Well, we would want the latest Yaru.

Hi @itzswirlz :slight_smile:

I’m the Folder Color’s developer. Nice to meet you!

I have to say that Folder Color is dynamic, it will read a few files in the icon theme and if they exist, allow to customize the folder. You can read here about the requirements for a new icon theme (HOW TO CREATE A NEW THEME section).
I’m not a designer, then I can’t do anything about this.

But you have here the steps for using Yaru with Folder Color (thanks to the work of Gustavo Reis):

  1. Download these icons:
  2. Copy them into: /usr/share/icons/Yaru/scalable/places/
  3. Refresh the Yaru cache icons: sudo gtk-update-icon-cache -f '/usr/share/icons/Yaru'
  4. Restart Nautilus: nautilus -q

A hug and thanks for all your interest! :heart: It’s a pleasure to have users as you!


Actually you are pretty late. This is dead-I am actually right now focusing on folder color Nemo for Ubuntu Cinnamon which I notified you of

Also the dependencies are wrong and it’s weird to get the right packages for folder-color-Nemo- what are they? The listed ones don’t work, you need other stuff to make it work correctly.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @itzswirlz Oh! It’s you! I didn’t recognized you by the nickname :slightly_smiling_face:

Did you try the PPA? If you install the package folder-color-nemo and you restart nemo, you should see the menu.

About Folder Color & Nemo there is a problem, I can’t upload the package folder-color-nemo into the Ubuntu repository (read the same problem in Ubuntu Budgie here), I asked to a MOTU but without good luck.
Would be possible that you could upload it?

A big hug!

Re: folder-color-nemo, see what menu??
If it’s supposed to load as a plugin it’s not…
(- I’ve another python-nemo plugin that also is now failing to load., see this,
/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/nemo/extensions-3.0/ undefined symbol: PyExc_ImportError

I will try to play with it.

I can’t upload to universe but if I can package and go folder-color-Nemo that’d be good.

Did you fix it so python-gi isn’t used and python3-gi is put in instead ?

And by menu I mean on right click where it says folders color.

Typically installing all Nemo packages and stuff will do it but it’s hard to test in focal or really anywhere

The current nemo-python in 20.04 is broken on python3.8.
Fixed source/package here & python based extensions now work inc. your folder color.
Bug here inc. link to commit that fixes…

That’s what we concluded-it’s breaking stuff.

Wait-so will the commit that fixes be included in release?

Wait-so will the commit that fixes be included in release?
Maybe, maybe not.
No one in ‘Ubuntu’ has any interest, it’s just synced from Debian
So when Debian maintainer(s) decide to address it’ll get fixed.

it’ll undoubtedly be available in a ppa but that’s besides the point…

Since Ubuntu Budgie uses nemo we do have an interest!

I’ll have a look soon to see if I can reproduce the issues with python extensions on UB and if so - whether the commit resolves it. If it does, will report this to the good Debian devs and upload a fix for Ubuntu folk.

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Yes-we may have to rush it in a repo but if Debian can get it fixed, I’m sure quickly we can before release.

Testing is easy, install any nemo python extension, it will not be loaded…

I created a patch for this and sent it to the debian maintainers - they have accepted it and is now in Debian Unstable.

I have also sync’d this to focal. So this should now be resolved.


The issue has been resolved, and overall the main topic of this article is outdated and not needed anymore. I request an admin to lock this post as we are pretty much done here.

Thanks to @mc3man for giving us a boost.

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