Focal schedule (20.04.2) Feb 4 or Feb 11 contradiction

The focal schedule currently has no release date for 20.04.2.

I’ve heard dates I know, but my memory is a sieve … and the schedule is somewhere I look for clues especially regarding testing.

If the actual date isn’t known, fair enough, but if someone can remind me here (even if just month; I seem to recall January 2021), I’ll check here instead.


There is a difference on 20.04.2’s scheduled release between

Thanks for flagging this. The original target date was Feb 4, this has now changed to Feb 11 but the wiki page had not been updated. I’ve corrected this now.


@vorlon @bdmurray the date on the wiki again says Feb 4 (

Has it been moved up? (I also don’t see it on the google calendar?)

It has been moved up to February 4th and is listed on the Ubuntu Release Calendar. Is there some other calendar it should be on?

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Thanks & sorry @bdmurray

Yep that’s what I was looking for, but failed to find. Thank you !

(I didn’t check as it’s not been updating since a Canonical change that’s still being fixed… It appears corect getting details from google….)

Thanks for the comment. Its done