Focal Fossa

Getting ready for the new LTS 20.04

PS : It’s in 4K resolution


Nice ! You should post this in the Ubuntu 20.04 wallpaper competition that will arrive idk_when_but_probably_around_december_or_january. :no_mouth:


Thank you for posting… Whilst the numbers of us already running 20.04 will be small, usually we don’t get to see wallpapers with our release until very late in the cycle, so it’s appreciated.


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Hi, I’m on eoan and would like to upgrade to focal, however neither do-release-upgrade nor update-manager seem to detect the availability of that, I tried both with -d and -p options too.

Any hint?

If really you want to upgrade to focal, replace eoan by focal in /etc/apt/sources.list then run apt update && apt full-upgrade

Be sure that you understand what you are doing, the upgrade may break your system and you must be able to fix it manually.

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Thanks! Yes, I know I’m getting into very uncharted territory :sweat_smile:

Happy New Year

PS : Resolution is 4K


The images are great but let’s hold off until the wallpaper competition starts.


If you cannot wait for the wallpaper competition, you might find one or more of the flavors have already started their competition for 20.04

There may be more too…


I just started playing around with Distro’s (about 8 of them) in January.
I hadn’t used Linux other than a minor support of a few older Unix BSD’s over the years since college in the 90’s… SuSE 9.0 I bought the huge CD collection at Best Buy.
Some things have came a long way. Out of the 8 I tried, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS fit my usage the best. Gnome was the easiest to customize. Zorin came up 2nd. Clear Linux 3rd just because it was so fast, but very closed off from the rest a far as available install packages. MX because of the Live CD making software built in.
I would love to see the Live CD iso making utilities working with Ubuntu. I wrecked the OS a few times trying to get a working Live ISO package built from my current desktop. Started over again and in 4 hours had everything reinstalled and tweaked the way I wanted finally. Just no Live ISO making utilities.
Nice wallpaper!

Hey @willcooke, when will the wallpaper competition for 20.04 start?

It is M Wimpress now. Will has moved on.

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Ok, so @Wimpress, do you know when the wallpaper competition is going to start?