Focal Fossa on a Dell Precision 7430 with Nvidia Quadro P2000

Anyone tried installed focal on one of those laptops (or at least with the same nvidia hybrid kind of graphics) ?

This card seems to be problematic in every distro I tried up to now.
I currently have this notebook working with debian testing + some manual xorg manual configuration for modesetting and nvidia 440 . But, with this I can only use nvidia, and the batery life is awful. For using intel, I must remove nvidia binary completely, blacklist nouveau (it does not work at all with this graphics card, it always give a blackscreen). But, with only intel, the hdmi output does not work (dock station does work).

I see focal has work in the are of nvidia hibrid graphics. Focal regular installer live image does not work , probably because of the nouveau problem. With safe graphics option it does work, but hdmi output does not. I dont think there is a way to test the proprietary binary driver with the live image.

I would like to hear your experiences with that. Thanks :slight_smile:

While I don’t have your specific laptop i have used 20.04 on a laptop with nvidia graphics and intel hd. 20.04 has the drivers built in, and finally allows you to right click on a program and specifically tell it to you use the nvidia card. No more logging out of the session just to swtich between cards. So now the intel graphics are used by default, and you have the option to run whatever with the dedicated GPU instead.

Power management has been greatly improved as a result.

I’d say just give it a whirl with a live disk and see if you can already tell.

Yes, that’s why I’m interested in 20.04. My main problem is that , this specific card (or family of cards, I don’t know) seems to be extra problematic, with nvidia prop drivers and intel modesetting.
This laptop is currently my job workstation, so, I would like to avoid reinstalling everything to just be in the same situation I’m currently at already.
The live image, unfortunately, from what I understand will use nouveau, which does not work at all in this laptop (the live image freeze on boot if I don’t use ‘safe graphics’ option).

Have you tried optimus-manager ? It allows you to switch video cards via the command line.
I never tried it in Ubuntu because it just works.

As far as the external monitor; some laptops, like my ThinkPad T430, only project out of the external Display Port via the NVIDIA card. So you may need to check with your manufacturer.