Flutter Wayland support under development

Canonical and Google have been working together to bring the Flutter toolkit to Linux. It uses GTK for windowing, but implementation details mean it currently only supports X11. Wayland support is in the works. It’s not quite ready yet, but here’s a screenshot of Flutter running natively on Mir:


There was a wayland embedder that chinmaygarde was experimenting with a couple of years ago - https://github.com/chinmaygarde/flutter_wayland , I am a proponent of GTK but its really clear that they do not want to support this particular use case.

Would it be possible to get a list of things that flutter would be missing if it takes the wayland embedder approach?

Xdg-portals would certainly help, and using wpewebkit over webkitgtk would probably make sense in the long run too.

Any chance of a CSD implementation for Flutter based on GtkHeaderBar?

GTK3 has a sufficient API to support what we need.

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Yes. By default, Flutter on Wayland will have CSDs.

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