Flavour Release Status

This is a live topic where the community can see the current release and build status of the various Ubuntu flavours.

Current Release: 24.04 Noble Numbat

:white_check_mark: - Functional build, no major blockers present.
:warning: - Functional build, some blockers or issues present.
:x: - Non-functional build, major blockers or issues present .


Hi - super niche/nitpicky/selfish comment, but for tables like this, would it be possible to also add a symbol or icon of some sort to the status field, so that folks with color-anomalous vision / color-blindness could use the chart more easily?

Understood if not, but thought I’d ask as it’s something that doesn’t always come up unless there happens to be someone with color vision difficulties on the team putting it together.



I don’t think that’s a selfish comment at all! How about :white_check_mark:, :warning: and :x: : instead?


I think it’s a great idea, @johnandmegh! We should always strive to make our content more accessible.

I’ll update it with @tigarmo’s solution. :grinning:


Awesome, thanks (and congratulations on the full column of checkmarks!)

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I love it, it looks really clean and It is super easy to find useful information. Thanks @aaronprisk .

Thanks @johnandmegh and @tigarmo for the comments and ideas.

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