Flavor End of Life dates

Some weeks ago, with much appreciated input from flavor maintainers, we put together a list of flavor EOL dates:

This is effectively a community maintained addition to the official Releases wiki - though focusing on flavors, whose EOL dates often deviate from those of the main Ubuntu releases.

I’d appreciate your comments on and your support in maintaining and improving this list.


Looks good to me. I’d just link it to the main Release wiki.

There’s a link to it in the second paragraph. But you’re probably right in that it could be more prominent.

Also the note that releases not coinciding with Ubuntu LTS releases (i.e. releases supported for 9 months) are not listed on this page may need to be stated in a better way.

Oh, yeah, missed that on both counts. Non-LTS releases should definitely be included. Maybe it might work better if it was organized by flavor and there could be anchors to each?

This is probably a good idea, too, thanks!