Fixed header

I often find myself down the bottom of a thread on the site, and need to go back. I could of course use a keyboard shortcut or press the browser back button, these work. However, if I am scrolling around, I often have my hand on the mouse, and on many other (discourse) sites there’s a common pattern where the header doesn’t scroll. Example: (one of our own sites) :D.

Can we freeze the header here, so we can easily jump back to the home.

Although, side-effect, I keep wanting to hit the Ubuntu logo at the top to go home, when I actually have to hit the “Discourse” link instead which is smaller. It’s quite frustrating if you use the site a lot.

One for @peterm-ubuntu

FWIW, if you switch your theme from “Default” to “Ubuntu”, you get both of those things.

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That’ll do :slight_smile: