Firefox choose profile

I was testing out GNOME 40 via Fedora 33, and noticed something that is built into Firefox on Fedora is not on Ubuntu. An easy way to choose profiles. Was wondering would this be a great addition to Ubuntu as well?

That’s a simple change in the firefox.desktop file by the look of it. The Ubuntu one is missing this kind of chunk:


[Desktop Action profile-manager-window]
Name=Open the Profile Manager
Exec=firefox --ProfileManager

Which you can see in the Fedora source package at

Such a change could be proposed. Indeed I have not checked but it may already be there in a newer release which hasn’t landed yet. Looks like a simple change that someone (you?) could propose.


Oh cool, how can I propose this? I would like to do that, and thanks in advance.

I’d first check to see if the upstream firefox source has it, and if there’s been any discussion on it in their issue tracker. I don’t know who contributed the above chunk to Fedora, if it isn’t upstream, but I’d imagine it’s not a Fedora specific change, but I may be wrong.