Firefox 101 missing

The Firefox version 101 fixing security vulnerabilities is still missing, since a week, blocked by rustc/cargo:

It was already known two months ago that the new versions of rustc/cargo were needed, but suddenly time was running out.

When can we expect a new version of Firefox or should we even prepare for a mass migration to snap?

By the way, what snapcraft.yaml is used for building the official Firefox snap package? There are several versions around:

The rustc and cargo updates are almost ready, so I expect the firefox update should be unblocked today. It will still require a bit of time to build and validate, but if everything goes well before the end of the week it will be available to all users on all supported releases.

In the meantime, the firefox snap is a good alternative.

The canonical repository is on GitHub, and it is mirrorred on Launchpad where the snaps are built.

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Thanks for the detailed information! Since I haven’t seen any changes to the bug report today, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for tomorrow.

The Rust toolchain delays were mostly my fault, my apologies. It was my first time doing it, I hope to do better next time around.

I hadn’t updated the bug reports 'til a few minutes ago, but the last uploads were done tuesday for rustc and yesterday for cargo.


Thank you for your work!

This time, for Firefox 106, as far as I know, the Rust toolchain is not responsible, but Firefox 106 has been since 13 days (or 6 days - 106.0.2) not published, although built a long time ago. What is the problem? There are some important JavaScript security fixes included…