File transfer indicator

In 16.04, when were are copying something, at times the transfer indicator window gets minimized. Then, there is no way to find out whether the transfer is complete or not. Is it possible to have some method in 18.04 so that it is easier to keep an eye on file transfer progress ? Maybe, an indicator in launcher which is prominent.

Which Desktop Environment (DE) are you discussing?

Which method of ‘copying something’? Over a network? Using a File Manager? Using SCP? Something else?

Have you tried 17.10 to see if such a change is already implemented?

Have you reviewed the upstream projects to see if somebody is already working on the feature…and perhaps looking for testers?

Generally, this kind of suggestion should go to upstream to the DE developers as a Wishlist bug or a discussion on the appropriate upstream forum or mailing list.

Alternately, maybe you are talking about a bug? ‘indicator window gets minimized’ is vague. Are you saying that window minimizes at inopportune times without user input? Or is the window badly placed, so it gets clicked on by accident? Or the user minimizes and then cannot restore the window? Or is it that the window restore control is mislabeled? Hard to find?

Bugs, like ideas, need to be upstreamed. Be sure to check the Debian and other upstream bug trackers - maybe somebody already reported the issue on, say, Fedora. If you file a Launchpad bug, LP tracks upstream bugs so be sure the all the bug reports know about each other.

The more research and preparation you do, the more likely you will find the right people, speak in their terms, and get the idea implemented (or bug fixed).