File checking on live media bootup

Is the time consuming file checking when booting to a live session intentional?
Currently on my laptop 18.04 boots to live session in 35 sec’s, 20.04 takes 3 min. and in the case of today’s pending image 3:50.
Most of the time is spent doing a file ck. on pretty much every file in the image.

yes, it is intentional …

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On some ISO I installed few days ago a message appeared ‘checking integrity… hit … to bypass’
on the ISO ‘Ubuntu 20.04 LTS “Focal Fossa” - Alpha amd64 (20200324)’ the message does not show.
I submitted a bug
but I don’t know if this is the good way.

I haven’t paid too much attention to this new file integrity check as I do very little testing of daily ISOs these days. However, when booting today’s ISO (20200325) I see my laptop manufacturer’s logo, the ‘spinner’, ‘ubuntu’ but no prompt to skip the check and therefore reduce the very much extended boot time.

I see no way of bypassing the integrity check so will probably confirm your bug report which I think, reading other posts here, should have been reported against the ‘casper’ package.

May be this has already been reported?

Edit: actually a plymouth bug;

Well, it is not a Plymouth bug, but how (bad ?) the pre-install script working, which is slow. If you click Esc while booting, you’d notice which script is that.

@chanath, the bug report that @corradoventu reported was marked as a duplicate of a plymouth bug. If you think that is an error then may be you should respond on the appropriate bug report rather than implying an error on my part.

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I am not implying anything. Just run the live iso and click on the Esc button. You’d know where that script is.

I downloaded the iso, because of the OP. I have that bad habit of checking/testing things out. :slight_smile: I won’t be installing 20.04, by the way, for I have my permanently dev installations.

@chanath, why do you continue to direct your comments towards me?

If you disagree that the issue that @corradoventu reported and I responded to is not a plymouth bug then please add your your comments to the appropriate bug report and inform the Ubuntu/Canonical developers why you think that is not the case.

You’ve been here long enough to know that bugs are best discussed on Launchpad and not on Discourse.

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The original question has been asked and answered, so closing.