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Hi, its unreal the amount of work that’s put into Ubuntu year in and year out. We really appreciate what all is done that allows us the users to harness our true potential without limitations.

I wanted to deploy the Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and later the server for our company of around 50 users. The issue we have is that we are in Fiji but the default Fiji region and language settings is in Hindi.

Is it possible to change this in the next release or as a patch update. We are located in the south Pacific and was colonized by the Europeans thus our commonly used language is English, after Fijian then followed by Hindi and other languages. Please change the region and Language for Fiji to English and not Hindi as 90% of the population read, write and speak English.

Much appreciated.

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Could you please file a bug report about this issue at for tracking? We’ve encountered other such issues in the 20.04 timeframe, and should definitely work on getting them resolved.

@pedrofiji: To me this sounds as if you would like to see an en_FJ locale in glibc, and a request for that would be done at;component=localedata

@vorlon: Not sure what you have in mind. How could this be handled in ubiquity without the presence of such a locale?

@gunnarhj thanks for pointing that out, I assumed that an en_FJ locale already existed in addition to the hif_FJ locale. I had assumed this was a case of defaulting to the wrong locale for a country, like some other cases we’ve seen.

I don’t know what reason there is for glibc to not provide an en_FJ locale. Does this need to be solved in glibc before we could DTRT in the installer? I recall cases where the different LC_* variables could be set to different values, so e.g. LC_MESSAGES=en_US but LC_PAPER=hif_FJ or such.

I see. No, this one is trickier.

My impression is that they are generally restrictive with accepting new en_* locales. In this case, if 90% are English speaking, I suppose the opportunity for success is good, though.

Indeed, working with the different locale categories to achieve the desired combo is possible, and I have many times helped users with that through support. But currently ubiquity just acknowledges two groups of locale categories: language and regional formats, and the latter is ‘guessed’ out from 1. the time zone location, 2. the display language, 3. available locales, and 4. possible default. And the tools we provide for modifying the locale settings in the session (gnome-control-center and language-support) also only make use of those groups.

So if we would let ubiquity set a more fine tuned locale in /etc/default/locale, there is no UI in place to modify it that fine-grained later.

Technically we could patch an en_FJ locale in Ubuntu only for now, but for maintenance reasons @adconrad isn’t too fond of further Ubuntu patches. But maybe you can talk him into it. :wink: OTOH we would need proper input, preferably a complete locale definition file, from some Fiji users with the sufficient knowledge to get it right.


I have logged this issue under bug report as directed.

Much appreciated


Bug report filed.

Thanks very much.