Feedback on Landscape Beta

Use this thread to provide feedback on Landscape Beta.

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please, put the new FreeCAD in your repositories .

@smakarl Thanks for your feedback! Can you provide more details on your use case and what issue you’re running into with Landscape Beta?

At my university myself and my other developers are testing Landscape small with the free license. It is hard to get a grip of what it can do for us with so little online info. There are no use cases to read about. With 22.04 Desktop LTS we can make it sort of working with scripts, but the whole installation feels like installing a very distant 3rd party software with all the extra bashscript code needed to make it set the correct hostname, tags and such.

Then with 24.04 daily builds…there are so many errors that it scares me.
For example when we try to implement the installation in the autoinstall schema for our desktop clients, nothing seem to work. The PPA is there, but nothing gets installed. Autoinstall for Server and Desktop editions for same version seem to differ a lot in the code…even though it really shouldn’t? I understand that 24.04 is unstable in the daily build now, but April is near. I hope it doesn’t become like with the release of 22.04, that Desktop is left behind even more now.
As it seems right now, I need to improve my Photoshop skills to try to convince the people with investing money for our Ubuntu project rather than showing actual working demos.
That don’t feel so safe.


Hey @madjax! Thanks so much for your feedback! :smiling_face: I’ve just shared it with our Landscape product manager.

I want to pass along some links too which may be helpful, especially since your feedback also relates to Ubuntu Desktop. You may already be familiar with some of these resources, but just in case:

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