Featured snaps

What does it mean for a snap to be featured in Snapcraft? I wasn’t able to find any documentation on the selection process.

Loosely related to this: is lack of ratings, comments, etc in the website (have not seen the desktop app) on purpose? I mean, maybe it’s intended to avoid outdated, noisy feedback to developers, maybe it’s a temporary situation given the lack of an implementation that avoids these pitfalls.

We recently crowdsourced the selection process each week. You can find out more at these three threads:-

Your questions are a touch vague, so I’m not sure what you specifically want information about, but I think the threads above will explain it. If not, feel free to reply with further questions. :slight_smile:


Oh, that’s great, thank you for let me know!

Regarding the other questions, I was thinking of this discussion and yet more specifically of this comment. I’ve been exploring the Snap Store in the web recently and I was a bit surprised because of the lack of ratings and comments from the users which I was sure I had seen before (but maybe it was in the desktop version, I have no way to check that just right now).

Probably best to keep discussion of that bug on that bug to be fair.

Sure @popey, my question here was more general (or a touch vague as you said), just out of curiosity, only wanting to know if there is a conviction about not having those feedback items or if it’s more of a transitory situation due to priorities or specifics or technicalities… But let’s keep it there, then.