[feature request] Set default sound input/output

Alright - knowing this is not a support forum, this is not a support question :wink:

But to explain, I need to provide a bit of background: I have multiple Input/output sound devices. And upon boot, Ubuntu 18.04 picks the wrong one.

It would be awesome, if:

  1. You could force Ubuntu to pick a default sound device, chosen by the user, except if the device is not present
  2. The desktop UI allowed for quick sound input/output selection (“Sound Switcher Indicator” by Dmitry Kann works fine, with a few quirks, like it doesn’t always detect if the sound source changes or is removed)

Ah that would be awesome. It’s on my top5 after fresh install, too! Absolutely mandatory!


Have a look here:


I suggested similar enhancements back in 17.10 but we never got around to it. Now that you mention it, I’ve moved the proposal to 18.10 for consideration: https://trello.com/c/aI3BX3ax


Thanks for putting this idea on trello!
Apart from the sound-input-out-switcher-extension there is the awesome no-title-bar-extension which is very essential if you come from unity7 (like many ubuntu users) and find it pretty familiar to have no double bar when your window is maximized.


Pulicoti: Thanks! I’ll look into it

vanvugt: Awesome! I hope we’ll have that feature included at some point, it would make make things a whole lot easier.

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This seems like a very standard OS feature, Ubuntu is getting more friendly and robust than Windows / Mac, this should be prioritized!

It can’t be too complicated, the interface is already designed. I am a programmer, just tell me where the code is, and what to change… :laughing:


Works pretty flawless, could be worth an inclusion into 19.4


This wouldn’t help in case I seen last week - if HDMI Audio output appear/disappear (ThinkVision P27h 27 which get connected/disconnected to/from ThinkPad X1 Carbon 5th Gen) choosing is as default output not gonna help, as it output number and state will reset anyway when it disappear.

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What do you mean with “when it appear/disappear”?
I use HDMI to connect and also i have an external audio card but I’m still able to switch them as default.

Under disappear I mean - when I disconnect ThinkPad X1 Carbon 5th Gen from ThinkVision P27h 27 HDMI audio output is no longer listed as available.
Under appear I mean - when I power-on laptop next time with connected display, internal audio adapter is again set as default, even if HDMI audio output was chosen as default output in previous session.

That’s not an issue, you just have to set the default output when connected, that’s obvious isn’t it? :slight_smile:

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Once and then it should switch to HDMI automatically, or I should do this every time manually?

I would still really love this in 2019 - it’s still a problem

The default changes on reboot so its not that obvious

How did you install it?

@theonejay, you’re possibly thinking of bug 1847570. Fix coming soon.