FCS Video submissions for Ubuntu 18.04

The Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase is an opportunity to show off high quality free culture content in Ubuntu. At the heart of Ubuntu’s ethos is a belief in showcasing free software and free culture, and with each development cycle we open the opportunity for any artist to put their work in front of millions of Ubuntu users around the world. More details, including full submission guidelines for all categories, are available at the Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase wiki page.

In this topic, you can submit your entries for the Video category of the Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase for 18.04.

We’re looking for short, simple videos that relate to the theme of “ubuntu”. Remember, this release’s code name is “Bionic Beaver.”


  • Around 30 seconds is a good length.
  • The video should be at least 1280x720.
  • An end credits card with attribution for the video and audio with the license is okay, but the video should not be watermarked.
  • The final file should be playable on a new Ubuntu install and no larger than 10 MB.

Submission Requirements

The submission period is open until the end of March 15, 2018!

I’ve made a video Selfie from the future which spots an Ubuntu cameo. Right now it’s about 12 megabytes in size, but if you think that this is an acceptable candidate I can try to reduce the size a bit.