FAO flavors: Font configuration news in 23.10


As you may have seen in Let selection of default fonts be based on Noto, we are about to switch to Noto fonts by default throughout. In short the fonts-noto-core package will be installed by default, a few packages for non-latin fonts will be dropped from the seed, and via the new fontconfig file /etc/fonts/conf.d/56-language-selector-prefer.conf we try to make sure that Noto fonts are picked instead of DejaVu, even if the fonts-dejavu-core package will keep being seeded for now.

Some flavors, e.g. Kubuntu, have been shipped with Noto as default font for a few cycles. This is a heads-up to everyone who is involved in the maintenance of some flavor to consider possible consequential changes, so we avoid a font configuration overflow, so to speak.

Also, please let me know if there are any doubts from a flavor POV about the ongoing font changes.


While the above changes now have been implemented in the Ubuntu 23.10 development version, I have also submitted Reconsider the preinstalled LCG (Latin etc.) fonts with proposed changes that would be even more important to the flavor maintainers to be attentive to. In particular I propose that fonts-dejavu-core and fonts-freefont-ttf be dropped from desktop-common.

Thx for the heads up. On behalf of UB we most welcome the font rationisation you have done to-date and the proposal as well. We have been using the noto fonts for long time now with no adverse feedback.

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