Factory Reset Option

Apart from that I would like to ask a casual question. I have been an Ubuntu user for 3 years now and as a comparison I wanted to know weather the Factory Data Reset option would arrive in Ubuntu any soon? I would be greatful to have a reply.

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In most circumstances, you can “factory-reset” your system by simply reinstalling Ubuntu. There is no “Product Key” or similar proof of purchase to preserve, so why make things complicated?

See https://askubuntu.com/questions/591167/resetting-ubuntu-to-factory-settings.

If using Containers or Virtual Machines, similarly deleting the old machine and re-initializing a new machine are normal practice.

Various forms of Windows-like “Reset” and “Restore Point” and other methods have been suggested…but none of those folks have contributed the code to add such features to Ubuntu.

You are welcome to create “factory-reset” code, and your contribution to the Free Software ecosystem will be welcome. (Remember to build in safeguards so that it’s not triggered by a bug or by a new-user mistake or by a misunderstanding).

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