Extending ubuntu-report

Lubuntu (and potentially Kubuntu) has moved away from Ubiquity to Calamares. We would like to extend the ubuntu-report metrics to get information about some different install options we are going to pursue.

I wanted to start a discussion to see how we could accomplish this. I don’t know quite yet the exact particulars of the options we would like to add (or potentially remove) but I know that it will need to be adjusted.


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That’s great news!

From an ubuntu-report perspective, it’s pretty free-form, your installer just need to drop a /var/log/installer/telemetry file on the installed system, containing json formatted data. ubuntu-report will pick it up whenever you request it to report data.

I advise you to include the installation Media at least, Partition Method, installer language at least.

Tell us if there is anything we can help you with when you integrate ubuntu-report!


Hey Didier. :slight_smile:


Can I just put any data in here, or does ubuntu-report do some kind of data verification?

ubuntu-report doesn’t itself. I strongly suggest that you use the same keys for the same things (like add Media to identify flavors). However, as the UI will be built by the web team, you maybe want to check with them so that they surface the dedicated results for your installer.

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We can take care of sorting out the frontend, no need for @tsimonq2 to chase them for that.

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Would Lubuntu 18.04 point releases also have Calamares?

Nope, 18.04 is pretty much staying as-is for now.