Extend Yaru icons

Hi all!

I was thinking, if we could “extend” the yaru icons?

Currently, the Yaru icons only support most gnome apps, files and directories, and some other apps.
But, it doesn’t have an icon for other programs.

I’d really want to see Yaru extend to other distros, as the icons look modern and not very flat at the same time.

For now, I designed a Yaru-ish icon for geary:

(yes, i’m not that good in design, but can we extend it to support other apps?)


Hi, we only include new third party icons If the developers of those apps have agreed that we include them.
Especially gnome app maintainers do not want yaru to have a special icon and they already asked us to remove icons we already had included which we removed then.
Best regards, Frederik

Edit: in this case Geary was one of the Devs who definitely do not want it

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Would it be possible to extend it to core apps of other distros? Like Kubuntu for example?


I think so yes if Kubuntu wants this and our icon magicans have time for it :slight_smile: Why not


I’m sure they won’t object; KDE as a project isn’t as closed-minded as GNOME.

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Yes, but Kubuntu uses breeze, so it’s up to KDE.