Expanding on NVIDIA Prime

For the past couple of years, I was astonished of the progress Ubuntu made on the compatibility of Nvidia graphics card, and its implementation of dual graphics card capability. However, I want to suggest the expanding of the option of Nvidia on-demand; providing you the option to choose the graphics card not only for .desktop apps, but for also .jar files and .exe wine programs. This is most significant especially for minecraft, and any wine programs.

I’m not on the Community Council, but I’m just going to make an observation, but I don’t think this is a Community Council issue - this is something that needs to be taken up with the NVIDIA devs. The NVidia drivers are proprietary - they aren’t readily freely adjustable by the community, and the CC has no control over that.

(Just saying)

Thank you very much. Is there a link I could use to send feedback to Nvidia? I am sorry to waste your time.

I don’t have such a contact, sorry. I’m not entirely sure how you’d relay that information to nVidia either.