Every desktop is perfect-and why

Every desktop is actually perfect and fine. It just requires personalization!

The Lubuntu Desktop is actually boring when its using default things. But, put in dark themes, and maybe another panel, and look at that. Perfect!

Same thing for Budgie-it looks boring, but personalization, and you’re good to go.

The GNOME desktop is the hardest to configure-you need the Gnome Tweak Tool in order to get things such as desktop icons.

Openbox? That is requiring things like tint2 and plank to just run and comfort yourself and themes.

You guys get the point. Some people make MATE look like Unity, for example.

So what does make it different? The amount of CPU usage used, the way how it runs, which file managers it uses, and the amount of access to themes (GTK2, GTK3)

So, I’m not flaming any desktops or flavors-we should embrace them and have fun with them.