Error using lxd recover

Hello. After trying to recover my server using lxd.migrate (see Switch to snap version - recover from disaster) now I’m trying lxd recover

I’ve created all profiles again, as indicated by recover. Then:

Would you like those to be recovered? (yes/no) [default=no]: yes
Starting recovery…
Error: Failed import request: Failed creating instance “u1” record in project “default”: Failed creating instance record: Unknown configuration key: volatile.last_state.ready

I’m in Almalinux 9.2 and installed LXD using
sudo snap install lxd --channel=5.0/stable

In the former installation, before disaster, I was using LXD beta (because I was testing the webUI). Could it be the problem?
Could you help me?

By updating LXD to latest channel using

sudo snap refresh lxd --channel=latest

the recover process has succeded. The error was caused because stable release LXD doesn’t “know” about key volatile.last_state.ready.

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