Error: The instance cannot be started as in Error status

Hi, When I start container with --stateless tag, but I still get error The instance cannot be started as in Error status. But when I check container using lxc info --show-log, I can not find any helpful info.

Any idea to start this container or find root cause why container in error status? thanks!

I normally see this if there is an issue with the network or storage. Does lxc network list or lxc storage list show any errors

hi, nc-sketchy, when I exec these command, I can get result without error, and I can start another container on same host without error.


Wow that’s a lot of dependents!

I’m not an official support person or anything, but you can try some of the follow I do when troubleshooting:

It might be worth checking the additional logs. Assuming you are using the snap:


There is also: snap logs lxd
and: lxc warning list

This will spit out a lot of troubleshooting info: lxd.buginfo

Otherwise, lxc config show instance and see if any of the attached settings are missing/incorrect somehow (IE: missing profile, devices, etc)

Finally, I’d verify the storage on the ceph side looks good/has no issues. I have limited ceph experience so I can’t quite help there.

And of course, journalctl

one last thing, I’m not sure how your setup is, is it a cluster or standalone? If it’s a cluster, or you are connecting from a machine that is not the host you are deploying to, connect to the host directly. I’ve seen that pop up when there are communication issues between hosts.

Hi, nc-sketchy. thanks for replying. Maybe lxd is crash after host OOM.
I rebuild this instance finally, can not find out cause. :smiling_face_with_tear: