Enhancement for 20.04

I tried the Daily Build ISO and i think some enhancement for the next LTS could be done:

  • Ubiquity need a better support with experimental features like LVM and ZFS because you need to erase the entire disk. You can’t create a partition manually.

  • When trying to quit ubiquity from the topbar it doesn’t work. You need to right click on the icon and click on «exit».

  • Also it would be nice to fix this issue : https://github.com/micheleg/dash-to-dock/issues/1007

A fix was released for the last one, according to launchpad, yet it doesn’t seem to be available as of latest update.

There is also the unresponsive notification popup issue when a notification is raised from an app with a currently focused window. And the old issue with auto-hideable dock overlapping desktop icons (and note that dock auto-hiding is an officially supported feature). These and the overview one make the desktop feel a bit unpolished, IMO.