Enable real-time Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Beta Kernel

The beta kernel is available for free for personal use via Ubuntu Pro.

To attach your personal machine to a free Pro subscription, run: pro attach <free token>.

To enable the real-time beta kernel, run:

pro enable realtime-kernel --beta

Please note you will need to manually configure grub to revert back to your original kernel after enabling real-time.

For more information:

pro help realtime-kernel

I’m currently using Linux metis 5.15.0-1009-realtime #9-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT_RT Thu Apr 21 20:33:36, how do I update this version?

Once RT is enabled, are there any examples how to use the real-time features in C++?

Hi @adibaccoks welcome to Ubuntu Discourse.

Please note we recently expanded our Ubuntu Advantage offering to Ubuntu Pro. I updated the instructions above accordingly.

To access an older version of the real-time kernel, first run:

pro enable realtime-kernel --access-only and then apt install the exact packages of the desired version.

Supplying just the name ‘ubuntu-realtime’ or ‘linux-image-realtime’ to apt will cause the latest version to be installed. For older versions, the specific package name needs to be used (e.g. linux-image-5.15.0-1009-realtime).

Hi @kshepitzki welcome to Ubuntu Discourse.

You may find this material from the Linux Foundation helpful when building your real-time applications:

In general, we do not provide code examples. We provide the underlying platform to our partners, who architect the overall hardware/software system, as we have no control/understanding of their environment.


I have not been able to do live kernel updates since FreeBSD days

enabled , lets see how broken pc gets