Enable proxy in Android container

Hello @morphis

I am using Anbox Cloud Appliance.
Is there any way to set proxies for the individual anbox containers?

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Hey Alex
Thanks for reaching out.
Would you mind letting us know more details about the proxies? and what you want to achieve with the proxies for the individual anbox containers. That helps us to understand the use case better.


Hi Gary.
Thanks for your reply.

So, let’s say that I have 2 anbox containers that have the demo apk installed.
And demo apk application will interact with the demo backend.
Now, when I call the demo backend APIs from the demo applications, their IP addresses will be all same as the anbox installed machine’s IP.

But I need them to be different.
So different IP addresses should be assigned per anbox container.
I think that it probably needs to be associated with the proxy.

I hope this makes sense to you.



Okay, we understood the use case.
For Anbox Cloud, all containers connect to the amsbr0 bridge (, See lxc network show amsbr0) and all network traffic from each anbox container goes through that bridge to the host network. And we don’t support assigning an external IP address for each individual container. You may consider routing the network traffic from the anbox container to another EC2 instance that has a different IP address via iptables.


anbox-shell settings put global http_proxy myproxy:8080
Can I know if this works exactly?
When I set with my custom proxy, it didn’t work.
Ip address was represented as the instance’s IP.


Just verified this worked for me.

Thanks for your all support.


HI @gary-wzl77
Can you please help me on this?

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Is utilizing iptables rules (something like a POSTROUTING SNAT rules) still the recommended way allow each container to appear to come from a different IP when network traffic leaves the host? I wasn’t sure if there were any changes to how LXD is deployed to allow for something other than the bridge.

Yes, we don’t provide any specific solution for this and don’t have a plan to do so currently.