Enable minimize-on-click by default?


Time to time I get bombarded with questions asking why minimize-on-click isn’t enabled by default.

I am curious, how many of you feel the same way? If you don’t know what am I talking about please read this:


It isn’t supported by Unity team and hence disabled by default. So far it was very easy to enable it from unity-tweak-tool, But since UTT stopped working (or causing problems) people are asking the same and I am suggesting to enable it from CCSM.

In Unity we always have the minimize button, so do we really need this?


I always wondered why it is not supported. Not supported because the design was not wanted or technically? I never had a single problem after or when minimizing with the click on the launcher icon :man_shrugging: so I am really curious why it was not supported?


I agree, why isn’t it supported? Ever since the option first became available I’ve always enabled it right after installing Ubuntu and I’ve never had a problem.

Can’t see any downside to setting as default, to me doesn’t present any unintended outcome. Seeing as though it’s not well known to exist or how to set it’s better to have functional. Users that object can disable (if they find out how…

Can also be enabled or disabled via cli, ex.
dconf write /org/compiz/profiles/unity/plugins/unityshell/launcher-minimize-window ‘false’

As far as why unsupported, says so right in linked article,
“By unsupported, I mean that functionality is “as-is” and no more tweaks or enhancements to it”

The ‘why’ of the above should be obvious to anyone who has used or followed Ubuntu since 14.04

I much prefer the “application expose” thing to the minimise as a default, and I’ve come to rely on it as I run multiple instances of a couple of IDEs in my day to day.

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