(EN) Ubuntu Unity Remix 20.04 Review + Important Notices / (PT) Review do Ubuntu Unity Remix 20.04 + Avisos Importantes


Hello everyone.

I decided to open this topic separately in order to address more than one subject that I will talk about now.

As you all know, about 1 month ago, I had ended my participation in the project due to internal problems involving the course of the remix. After that time, many things happened, and I could see that the impulses made in the project attracted members of the community who are really interested in seeing Unity being an official flavor and that it would be cowardly for me to not support what I did. for this endeavor. Based on that, I would like to inform you that I am open again to help with the project again, continuing to develop the arts that the flavor will need and testing the ISO images that are released. Due to this change in decision, I am releasing everything related to the project to download permanently, for community members as well as for Canonical members.

The main link to access the material is this:


ISO Review:

The review done here is based on the ISO image generated by @rs2009

Startup / Time:

The loading is done smoothly, but it still takes about 1 minute to load all the ISO files.

Live mode performance:

Unity is much faster, which makes it an interesting option for those using a less powerful PC or notebook, for those who are still looking for a productive and functional graphic interface. Despite some minor bugs, it is still quite usable.


There are 3 points I would like to mention here in this last category: size, speed and progress.

The ISO image has a size of 3 GB, which on the one hand has the advantage of including all installed language packs, while its disadvantage is the longer system startup time.

The speed of the live mode is 10x greater than that of the installation application, which on the one hand favors the question of testing applications and components, but which becomes an obstacle of patience for those who want to install the system permanently.

The installation progress is hampered by this slower speed to load everything that is in the ISO, and it presents a problematic bug that prevents the installation: at the time I performed the formatting, he was unable to format the swap partition and made all the buttons disappear. installer. I tried it a second time, doing the reinstallation, but it took too long to follow the next step, which led me to give up.


Personally speaking, using the name Unubuntu does not go well with the official flavor, from another point of view you may end up wanting to convey the idea that the official version of Ubuntu itself is not the standard version, the so-called: overlay by name.

Well folks, that’s it. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!


Olá a todos.

Eu resolvi abrir esse tĂłpico separado para poder abordar mais de um assunto que falarei aqui agora.

Como todos vocês sabem, há mais ou menos 1 mês, eu havia encerrado a minha participação no projeto por conta de problemas internos envolvendo os rumos do remix. Passado esse tempo, aconteceram muitas coisas, e pude perceber que os impulsos realizados no projeto atraíram membros da comunidade que estão realmente interessados em ver o Unity sendo um sabor oficial e que seria uma covardia por minha parte em não oferecer como suporte o que eu fiz para essa empreitada. Com base nisso, gostaria de informar que estou aberto novamente para ajudar novamente no projeto, continuando a desenvolver as artes que o sabor precisará e testando as imagens ISO que forem lançadas. Por essa mudança de decisão, estou liberando novamente para download em caráter definitivo tudo relacionado ao projeto, tanto para membros da comunidade como também para membros da Canonical.

O link principal de acesso do material Ă© esse:


Review da ISO:

O review feito aqui se baseia na imagem ISO gerada por @rs2009

Inicialização / Tempo:

O carregamento Ă© feito de forma suave, mas ainda assim demora em torno de 1 minuto para carregar todos os arquivos da ISO.

Desempenho do modo Live:

O Unity está bem mais rápido, o que o torna nesse momento, uma opção interessante para quem usa PC ou notebook menos potente, para quem ainda busque uma interface gráfica produtiva e funcional. Apesar de alguns pequenos bugs, ainda assim ele é bastante usável.


Existem 3 pontos que gostaria de mencionar aqui nessa Ăşltima categoria: o tamanho, a velocidade e o progresso.

A imagem ISO apresenta um tamanho de 3 GB, o que por um lado trouxe a vantagem de vir incluído todos os pacotes de idioma instalados, ao mesmo tempo que sua desvantagem é o tempo maior de inicialização do sistema.

A velocidade do modo live é 10x maior que a do aplicativo de instalação, o que por um lado favorece no quesito de teste dos aplicativos e componentes, mas que se torna um obstáculo de paciência para quem quer instalar o sistema de forma permanente.

O progresso da instalação se encontra prejudicado com essa velocidade menor para carregar tudo o que está na ISO, e apresenta um bug problemático que impede a instalação: na hora que realizei a formatação, ele não conseguiu formatar a partição swap e fez sumir todos os botões do instalador. Eu tentei uma segunda vez, fazendo a reinstalação, mas ele demorava muito para seguir o próximo passo, o que me levou a desistência.


Pessoalmente falando, usar o nome Unubuntu não cai bem com o sabor oficial, por outro ponto de vista pode acabar querendo passar a ideia de que a versão oficial do Ubuntu em si não é a versão padrão, a chamada: sobreposição por nome.

Bem pessoal, Ă© isso. Feliz Dia das MĂŁes para todos!


@anon66904900 Thanks for this in-depth review! I hope I have your permission to use these assets. Thank you very much for your help. :+1:


Thankful! I am not sure how this issue of copyright licenses works, but I am allowing you, the members of the community / Discourse and members of Canonical to use them, as long as the original authorship credit can be attributed.


Yes, of course! Credit would be attributed to you. Thanks a lot!


Excelente Review, mate! By the way, adorei demais teus wallpapers e os logos!

Excelent Review, mate! By the way, loved your logos and wallpapers!


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During boot-up it says “Lubuntu 18.04” Why?

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There are several questionable things that jump out.
The name, unubuntu, is terrible…
Considering the overall, icon & cursor themes in use can’t be addressed in system settings maybe add unity-tweaks to default launcher.

You have ubuntu-session package installed but have altered it’s contents
(- /usr/share/xsessions/ubuntu.desktop has been edited to what /usr/share/xsessions/unity.desktop would contain.
Seems a bad idea, you want to create your own session package fine, but don’t alter contents of repo packages.

Using gdm3 for no good stated reason, thus gnome-shell is installed but a gnome-shell session isn’t available in X because of your editing mentioned above. Though a gnome-shell wayland session is…
You state to use lightdm just install it. Not quite true, for some reason you have lightdm-gtk-greeter installed. It will trump unity-greeter & provides a very poor user experience.

Almost all the plymouth themes are installed, why?
Lens that many users of unity would expect to be avaiable aren’t installed, ex. Music,Photos, Videos
Support for touchpads is still poor without xserver-xorg-input-synaptics package.

You’ve broken alt+Print (PrtSc), can be fixed after install though not easily. Works fine in a 20.04+ubuntu-unity-desktop install. So figure out how to fix on image.

The ctrl+c to skip disk check on live image bootup does not work as smoothly as on Ubuntu images. On yours the binding has to be hit within a sec or two, otherwise it takes quite a long time to take effect. Don’t see this on Ubuntu’s image, works immediately whenever hit.


this is pretty serious, changing any file that is owned by a deb package means that the next update of the deb will revert the changes and simply overwrite the file with its own defaults.

the changes need to be either proerly introduced into the deb or a replacement deb from a PPA with higher apt priority needs to override it.

just changing random files on a disk, image or iso will make the install completely break the system during updates (most likely to an unusable state since not all changes will be rolled back at the same time as not all changed debs get updated simultaneously).

@ogra I’ve rebuilt Ubuntu Unity from scratch in the new, unreleased build (V4), keeping these issues in mind. I’ve also removed the extra packages such as ubuntu-session.

keeping them in mind wont save your users from having crashing systems after an upgrade, make your package changes properly in a PPA to the source debs, set up an apt config for the system so that this PPA has higher priority than the archive …

typically ubuntu users only install once and then use apt to upgrade that system so it is imporant that your iso is set up from the start in a way that allows you to push your fixes and changes to them. most users wil not just re-install from scratch when a new iso comes out …

@ogra I have created a PPA on Launchpad and set it all up.

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I’ll be updating the package as soon as a new ISO comes out.

On a positive (i think) note I noticed on your build nemo has the Desktop > Customize context menu option working.
This is only enabled on “new-style desktop only”,. Are you aware of what you’ve done to allow this?
Typically users installing unity from Ubuntu image +ubuntu-unity-desktop would not be afforded this option…