Emoji Support Missing From Ubuntu 19.04 Minimal Install

Hey folks,

I ran into an issue where most emojis weren’t showing up in Google Chrome. Fortunately I ran into this blog post explaining what happened.

In short, the fonts-noto-color-emoji package needs to be installed and Chrome restarted. This package isn’t included in the minimal install.

Seems like it should be though right?


Actually, its minimal. You just get the thing, and that’s it.

You will have to install fonts-noto-color-emoji in terminal using sudo apt-get install fonts-noto-color-emoji.

Also keep in mind, this site is not for technical support. You can find that at askubuntu.com and for more, visit here.


I know. That’s what it says in the blog post I linked and what I did.

I didn’t ask for technical support.

That’s what I want to discuss. You can say well it’s just minimal but that’s clearly a slider in terms of what to include. Gnome Shell was included, so not that minimal. The Ubuntu Gnome Shell extensions were included, which definitely not minimal or stock.

Most of the exclusions for the Ubuntu Desktop minimal install make a lot sense. Not including the games for example, cool, that’s just extra. This package missing however means viewing rectangles in some webpages where emojis are suppose to be. That’s not a good experience out of the box.


Did you get Google Chrome browser out of the box? - I guess not,right?
Firefox is the default but if you like to use Chrom you need to install it +the dependencies for it.

Nope I did not. My point was that including it would be useful to most people.

Why is it that instead of having a discussion on whether this would be useful or not, everyone’s immediate response is your wrong/go over here?


+1 for including emoji support out of the box on a minimal install.

also agree that everyone’s responses so far have been much more confrontational than necessary. if we’re trying to build a community here, let’s make it a friendly one. it’s ok to say “no”. it’s not necessary to say “no, and we don’t appreciate you asking”.

although in this case the right answer is “yes”, imo.


+1 Emojis should always be included.

Installed Ubuntu Desktop Minimal to easy get rid of all bloatware games and was surprised to have core functionality missing out of the box.
Emojis is such integrated and essential part of society, it is not an “extra”. No other operating system out there even has an option to disable Emojis.


Hmmm. I think folks might be talking about different Minimal images here, so a bit more precision would be useful.

From experience, I know many of the old hands in the community (including some earlier in this thread) mean Netboot when they talk about “Minimal”, and many of them use netboot on IOT devices, servers, and other headless systems.

What I am referring to is neither of what you mentioned oddly.

The Ubuntu Desktop ISO has a “minimal” option in the installer. That’s what I’m referring to.


Ah, that clarification makes MUCH more sense.

So if I’m reading you right, you want the ubuntu-desktop-minimal metapackage to have one additional depends: fonts-noto-color-emoji

If so, that seems like an appropriate addition to the metapackage to me…though perhaps it should be a dependency of the web browser…or hmmmmm.


maybe fonts-noto-color-emoji should be a dependency of ubuntu-desktop-minimal because:

  • It’s a dependency of ubuntu-desktop
  • Seems to be usefull for a good support of emojis
  • Google Chrome isn’t in ubuntu repos
  • chromium-browser will soon install the chromium snap package

Pretty much.

My intent was to start a discussion to see if it was a good idea, because I think it is.

I think @JerareYoshi makes good points on why it should be a dependency of ubuntu-desktop-minimal.


Is there anything else preventing the request for inclusion of this dependency? (I personally agree it should be included.)

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Hm, on 2019-09-25 @jibel seems to have pushed a fix for this. Some issues still remain, cross-linking: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fonts-noto-color-emoji/+bug/1859926