Emoji popup on desktop apps


I noticed that the built-in emoji popup only works with some apps like Gedit. I guess this is a more useful tool if it worked when we click the right button inside browsers or desktop apps like Firefox, Chromium, Telegram, Discord, etc.

I know some of these apps have their own “dialogue popup system” but maybe the emoji popup could be easily accessed by a shortcut no matter what app is running.

PS: I don’t know if this is the right place to post it. If it should be posted for GNOME developers I’ll be happy to open an issue on GNOME’s Gitlab

PS 2: I know there is an extension for enabling emojis on the top panel, but that is not really helpful

I believe it needs to be GTk3 applications like GEdit in order for the emoji popup to work within the app.


Yes, it’s not a feature of the system, it’s up to the app to implement it (or somethink alike).