Embedded Linux development: snapcraft

Snapcraft is the framework and command-line packaging tool used to simplify embedded Linux development. Snapcraft enabled developers to build containerised, isolated applications on their machines. Snapcraft builds and publishes snaps by orchestrating disparate components and build systems into one cohesive distributable package. It helps you assemble a whole project in a single tree out of many pieces, including source or existing debs.

When doing embedded Linux development via Snapcraft, you can bundle components and build systems directly into your application for a fully orchestrated package. Snapcraft is extensible and able to understand other build systems and software. Continuous development and integration of new plugins like Java, Python, Catkin (ROS), Go, CMake, qmake and make, enable developers to leverage the latest technologies for their software.

Furthermore, Snapcraft improves embedded Linux development by easily integrating into existing CI systems. After receiving a PR on GitHub, you can test it with e.g. Travis or another CI system, and the code lands on your GitHub master. Seamless integration with Travis, Jenkins, GitLab and TeamCity can generate automatic snap builds on every Git commit.

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