Egmde snap: update 0.2

Egmde snap: update 0.2

As @greyback mentioned recently, I’ve updated the egmde snap to use both the “beta” and “edge” channels. The “beta” channel will use the release version of Mir, while the “edge” channel allows testing of the development (or, when available, the release candidate) version of Mir.

To install “beta”:

snap install --classic --beta egmde

To switch to “edge”:

snap refresh --edge egmde

To switch back to “beta”:

snap refresh --beta egmde

This means that the pre-release version of Mir can be sampled using egmde. I’ve also amended the “edge” version of egmde to enable support for these features:

But if you want to experiment with these features they can be enabled using by creating (or updating) ~/.config/egmde.config and, optionally, ~/.config/egmde.display:

# Static display configuration
#  The format for .config/egmde-display is described here:

# X11 support:

# Configuring Wayland protocol extensions
# You can usually leave servers and clients to figure 
# this out themselves. But Mir has the capability to 
# configure the extensions available on the server.
# By default it enables the following: 
# wayland_extensions=wl_shell:xdg_wm_base:zxdg_shell_v6
# E.g. you can enable ony wl_shell by changing this to:

I should also mention a couple of bugs discovered using the egmde version on the “beta” channel that have been fixed on Mir “master” (and, therefore, are fixed on “edge”):


Egmde snap: update 0.2.1

There’s a small change to the graphics display configuration in egmde. It now uses the newer approach described for mir-kiosk.

That is egmde will always use the default layout from ~/.config/egmde.display and ignore any display-config=... in the configuration file.

If you feel the need to manage multiple layouts you can do so using YAML aliases:

    - VGA-1:
        state: disabled
    - HDMI-A-1:
        state: disabled
  expected: &my_default
    - VGA-1:
        orientation: inverted
    - HDMI-A-1:
        position: [1280, 0]
  default: *my_default