Egmde over VNC

Egmde isn’t a fully functional desktop environment, but sometimes you don’t need a fully functional desktop environment. And sometimes it is enough to run a graphical application on another computer.

What I have to show here is very much a proof-of-concept (much as egmde is itself): We’ve just added a new egmde.remote option to egmde that helps set up a remote VNC server for egmde.

$ egmde.remote --help
egmde.remote - Handy launch script for using egmde over VNC
  This sets up ssh tunnelling and a remote VNC server, once the
  server is running it can be connected to locally with any VNC
  client (e.g. 'gvncviewer localhost')
Usage: egmde.remote [ssh-login]
[ssh-login] login for ssh: hostname, user@hostname or -p port user@ipaddress
  o The desktop size can be set with EGMDE_REMOTE_OUTPUT=WxH egmde.remote [login]
  o The port on the host system can be set with EGMDE_REMOTE_RFBPORT=59xx ...
  o The port on the client system can be set with EGMDE_REMOTE_LOCALPORT=59yy ...
    If connecting with EGMDE_REMOTE_LOCALPORT=59yy use gvncviewer localhost:yy

Ignoring all the EGMDE_REMOTE_* options, this means I can start a VNC server over an ssh tunnel using:

egmde.remote octopull-x1c3-22-04

And connect to it using:

gvncviewer localhost

The result is a remote desktop window on my current desktop environment: