Egmde, mate-panel and swaybg

snap  install --edge --classic egmde
sudo apt install swaybg mate-panel neofetch
echo 'shell-components=mate-panel:my-swaybg' >> ~/.config/egmde.config
mkdir -p ~/bin
echo '#!/bin/sh' > ~/bin/my-swaybg
echo 'exec swaybg -i /usr/share/backgrounds/warty-final-ubuntu.png' >> ~/bin/my-swaybg
chmod a+x ~/bin/my-swaybg

Log out, and log back in to “egmde” desktop: enjoy!


  1. The first time, MATE panel prompts you to remove a few components that don’t work with Wayland. (And I’ve changed the panel to be transparent in the above image.)
  2. This was tried and tested on the 21.04 development release, but the same should work from 20.04LTS on.