Edubuntu 23.10 Beta Released

The Edubuntu Council (@amypenguin and @eeickmeyer) is pleased to announce Edubuntu 23.10 Beta, codenamed “Mantic Minotaur”. While it is free of any showstopper installer bugs and is representative of what will be the final release, bugs may be found within.

Images may be downloaded from

For those looking for Raspberry Pi images, while they are planned, they will be unavailable for this release. Goals are to have them available for 24.04 LTS, subject to change.

Where’s the website?
Our website is currently a placeholder website available at courtesy of @aaronprisk, and we are still working with Canonical IS to establish a more permanent website where we can make these posts and more, including administration instructions and other documentation. We do apologize that it is taking so long.

New Features

  • Edubuntu Menu Administratior can now hide snaps (was supposed to work previously, but a bug prevented that).
  • KDE/Qt apps now respect dark/light settings of the desktop. However, they still only use a blue accent color. The ongoing discussions on how to solve this previously mentioned in the Edubuntu 23.04 Beta Known Issues have ground to a halt.

New apps included are:

  • Startup Disk Creator: This will help users and administrators make an easy USB drive from a .iso image of any Ubuntu flavor.
  • GNOME Videos: Video player
  • GNOME Music: Music player
  • Backup: Backup utility
  • Basic256: Teaches students the BASIC programming language (@eeickmeyer first learned to program in this language when he was 10 on a Commodore VIC-20!)
  • Extension Manager: An easy way to add and administer GNOME Shell extensions.
  • OpenBoard: A whiteboard application for teachers
  • Mnemosyne: A flashcard application
  • Convertall: A powerful unit converter

Known Issues

  • KDE/Qt apps use a blue accent color as opposed to a red accent color or whatever accent color is set by the user in the System Settings. There is no known fix currently, however future releases may have other configurations which allow this. There are ongoing discussions that seem to have come to a halt.
  • The system installer (Ubiquity) provides a minimal install option that is currently work-in-progress.
  • GNOME Notes has a search provider for the Activities Overview which will sometimes crash.
  • GNOME Shell does not currently respect the default accent color or any chosen accent color except orange and blue.
  • As Edubuntu shares a desktop with and is based on Ubuntu Desktop, any known issues can be found in the official Ubuntu Release Notes .
  • Individual applications included with Edubuntu may have their own known issues. Please consult upstream release notes for those applications before filing bug reports.

How To Contact

Edubuntu Users Mailing List (Support Discussion)
Edubuntu Developers Mailing List (Join The Team!)

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This is very nice I’d like to test this out

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Well done, congratulations.

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