Easy bootstrapping of snaps

There should be some init commands like:

mkdir app
cd app
snapcraft --init Python --name App --LTS
snapcraft --init Flutter --name App --LTS
snapcraft --init Flutter --name App --LTS --plugs=desktop,camera,usb,preserve-security

and maybe some selection like popular web frameworks init to select backend and options but it could be another project. But then maybe:
snapcraft --use=joe/doe.git and selecting options then via text based graphics

and maybe also some scripting options to use some yaml to get preselected some option to make it more automation friendly and not need to remember a lot of options for simply make snap with a lot of already made solutions when Python, Rust or Flutter already have some default paths :slight_smile:

Hi @hifron, https://forum.snapcraft.io/ might be a better place for these suggestions :slight_smile:

Snapcraft extensions do a lot of that, BTW. There could always be more of those for sure.

I’ll move this to a separate topic, as it’s not specific to the gpu-2404 interface.

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