Don't translate Snap Store name

Yes, I’m writing about this for the third time.


I noticed that “Snap Store” is translated on application icon and source name to Russian.



I looked at .desktop file:


Snap Store in different languages is named differently. This may confuse users. Brands usually aren’t translated.

Moreover, Snap Store wasn’t translated in badges:

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Dunno if it really needed a 3rd post, but okay.

@kenvandine or @robert.ancell can probably take a look next week.

The way .desktop are translated doesn’t make it easy to set one key not translatable, the snap build could probably strip the Name[nn] keys from the .desktop though which would be a more reliable solution than relying on translators to know about specifics

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Replying in as this was opened first. I suggest this topic is considered closed to avoid splitting the discussion.