Done: Update vino to current version (affects Unity)

Now that gnome-user-share has been synced with Debian, the only other remaining really old GNOME component in Ubuntu is vino. vino provided the Desktop Sharing preferences dialog to allow remote desktop access to the local computer. (You can then use an app like Remmina or Vinagre on another computer to view or even control your computer from another computer.)

Ubuntu’s vino is over 4 years old, being stuck at version 3.8 because version 3.10 replaced the Desktop Sharing dialog with an integrated Settings > Sharing panel, but Unity’s System Settings panel never had a Sharing panel because it is a fork of GNOME’s 3.6 version.

vino 3.8 as included in Ubuntu only shows the Desktop Sharing dialog in GNOME and Unity. Therefore, it is not shipped in any other Ubuntu flavor by default (except Kylin but that’s probably accidental since Kylin used to ship Unity). That means this issue really only affects GNOME and Unity.

The Ubuntu Desktop Team would like to update vino now. I am unaware of any equivalent to the Desktop Sharing dialog in other Ubuntu desktops (except Kubuntu).

The Launchpad bug for this issue is LP: #1271358

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My thoughts were that Unity Control Center should copy in this code if it needed it. Never got done but I think it’s reasonable now Unity is not the primary desktop that either U-C-C gains the dialog or Unity looses the feature.

@jbicha, @robert.ancell

In my test it works well. I have rebased the code here:


Can it be merged?

Sounds great to me! Does anyone know who’s the closest to a maintainer for u-c-c? I can merge it but would be better if someone who is more closely working on the project does it.

Ask @3v1n0 may be? He can review and merge.

Looks ok, but for that review @seb128 would be the one to ask :slight_smile:

Just propose a Merge request.


I opened a merge request here:


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This is done now. vino has been updated to the latest release and Unity has a new Desktop Sharing panel.