Does the Linux ecosystem have some project for "Windows Fast Startup"-like functionality that Ubuntu can use?

First things first - not a troll question but an attempt for discussion.

Now, I know that both Op. systems boot differently and Ubuntu would claim hibernation is what Windows does under the marketing-name “Fast Boot”, but it just works. I don’t know what’s different that Windows does, but their hibernation is not your/our hibernation. So instead of complaining, i’m asking some questions to provoke a discussion with developers and improve Ubuntu and Linux in general even further :heart: :

  • AFAIK Fast boot is a variation of “kill all userspace processes and hibernate the ones left alive” - i may be wrong but if so then please educate me.
  • Is there a project/software in the Linux ecosystem whose goal is to implement “Fast boot” startup?
    • Alternative question: Has Ubuntu/systemd/whoever-you-name ever looked and rejected the idea of providing “Fast boot” functionality to end users or it hasn’t looked into it.
  • On an old laptop with slow processor and slow HDD Windows does some magic to boot under 10 seconds from power off via Fast boot to desktop with icons. taskbar and cursor usable.
    • Apparently this magic is hibernating a lot of slow-starting processes?
  • Windows full startup is as slow as Ubuntu slow startup
  • Ubuntu’s hibernate doesn’t improve in terms of time taken in comparison with cold-boot. At least not noticeable.
  • Do Ubuntu developers know what exactly Windows does step-by-step to boot that much faster: Ubuntu hibernation restore is much slower than Windows turned off via “Fast boot”
  • Is there a known or unknown obstacle to making Ubuntu booting that much faster? Could it be stated publicly so that i’m not such a dumb a**h*le?
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