Does RDP on Wayland works? what you recommend?

I’m Family Admin and use wireguard and RDP to manage the PC of Family members. Until now I only Used xorg as desktop. As far I could see the Wayland support getting better and better.

  • Does Wayland and RDP Work with ubuntu desktop 20.10, 21.04, somthing planded on 21.10?
    • If yes, what are the current limitations? (Audio, mapped local drive,etc.)
  • Is there a how-to for setup RDP on Ubuntu?

Wayland sessions support RDP in Ubuntu 21.04 and later. To enable it just go to:

Settings > Sharing > Screen Sharing


Doesn’t seem to be working for me as per:

Please note that you need gnome-remote-desktop rather than vino. The docs page you pointed at in that bug report is obsolete.


Is there somewhere a good tutorial how-to setup and how to configure that?

I’m aware of this page in the official desktop guide. (vino is about to replaced with gnome-remote-desktop.)