Does Launchpad Need a Makeover?

I personally don’t use it that often but when I do, it feels like I’m not on a Ubuntu site. All other Ubuntu sites have a Ubuntu feel (not sure how to describe it any other way). One of the first things I do is increase the font (something I don’t do on any other Ubuntu site). It also feels very dated too. I know things like this aren’t a priority and they really shouldn’t be. I just think it would be really nice to see a new design/theme, something closer to the rest of the pack.

What do you think? :smile:


Not only in terms of themes but Launchpad could use some help to develop nice features to it. On top of my head comes comment editing/removal which does not exist currently. In terms of design, I’m totally with you there. It would benefit a lot of a revamp.

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Just so long as it’s not orange …

I like how community|askubuntu allow some formatting, eg. command, italics, bold etc, and really wish lp.Answers had this function (it’d make reading peoples questions easier; though edit is probably necessary as end-users mostly won’t know to use it…)

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Yes, LP supporting markdown formatting would be great and would not affect others.


As a newbie who just uploaded his PGP key: new users will NOT be able to do this, there should be a new tutorial. Also I agree on the new theme. If you need some static mockups, I’ll be happy to code them :wink:

I believe it needs a major makeover. An all new UI, new workflows. Some things are really needlessly hard as has already been pointed out. And this is something I’ve been hearing from newbies.

Who’s going to implement all of this?

We could take years to talk about how much Launchpad needs to be revamped etc. but someone needs to sign the Canonical CLA and actually go through the process of getting it done. If nobody is willing to do that, we can call this thread pointless, because then it’s just non-constructive criticism.

And from someone who’s been using Launchpad for over two years now, the learning curve sucks at first, and some things it just isn’t meant to do, but if you use it for Ubuntu development and that sort of thing (and not project hosting), it’s far superior to any other tool because it’s been developed for more than a decade for Ubuntu. PPAs, Soyuz queues, bug tracking, the list goes on. It’s not perfect, but it does the job and it does the job well.


That’s the standard process for getting your key in a keyserver, by the way. Then, Launchpad just has to pick it up. But it needs to be in a keyserver.

That’s just how OpenPGP works, and it’s not specific to LP. There’s GUI tools like Seahorse that can certainly do this for you in a more elegant way, but otherwise I don’t see that implementation changing.

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Sure, what I mean were the missing docs. There has to be some sort of step-by-step guide (it’s not the first key I’ve uploaded) like Snap has.

Sure, so are you willing to take this on?

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No. Launchpad is fine as it is. It’s not Ubuntu specific but web based hosting sever for rest of world. That’s why the color is neutral. As for markdown launchpad already supports unicode text. So you can use bold font that way if you want. Editing comments would be a nice addition but not required at the moment. It is already going through major overhaul internally shifting workflow from bzr to git.


I could create a little website for it that would be ok :wink: Anybody have more ideas for it? Should I use canonical’s own web framework (“Vanilla”) for it?

If you talk with the Launchpad team (you need a pre-implementation review before proposing an MP to LP code) then you can see if that’s something they’re willing to do. But I’m not going to have that conversation for you. :wink:

(I’m not on the Launchpad team.)

Sure, didn’t want to drag you into this, it just seemed as I’ve you’d know a bit about it. I’m still very much a Newbie here :wink:


It’s not Ubuntu specific but web based hosting sever for rest of world.

I think you might find this interesting (Warning: High level of criticism, not for everyone) . :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Do you know how I can insert bash commands and their outputs inside a Launchpad comment ?

I found out about the PPA process directly. Documentation appeared in many internet places to help with the Debian processes of installation and updating, including security concerns . What could be done there is to make an Ubuntu\Debian User FAQ as the links involved elsewhere are highly technical. The current LP FAQ is not geared for users. PPA usage itself is very conventional. As for the ‘feel’ of Launch Pad? it should stay as it is so people know the implied limitations.

Or there can be another way. 2 kinds of apps one for reporting like this idea Making a app for reporting problems and another one for devs that have a integration with Launchpad servers.
Yes, Launchpad needs some love or the single users that will report bugs will be those with a computer science degree.

All the time I see users that after the first time trying launchpad they will run and say" never again". In my opinion, the problem with Ubuntu is that when you need to report a problem is like you are going back 18 years when using launchpad. Yea it’s a powerful platform but until the devs will test and give bug-free apps, os’s they will need testers, and a tester can be a normal user.

Sorry for necroing this, but how is Launchpad development these days?