Does a boot parameter called `cgroup_memory` exist in the Ubuntu kernel?

I have noticed a lot of articles online related to Kubernetes and Ubuntu guiding users to enable the boot parameters cgroup_enable=memory and cgroup_memory=1, including the one for microk8s (ref: Now, memory is disabled by default in the raspberry pi kernel so enabling it makes sense but I couldn’t find any mention of the boot parameter called cgroup_memory anywhere. The closest I could come was cgroup.memory but that doesn’t take in 1 as a value and looking at the source code, entering a wrong value would silently fail.

Moreover, I checked the git log of the Ubuntu kernel to see any mention of cgroup_memory and I found only 1 instance, which too was confirmed as a typo by the author (ref:

Any idea if such a boot parameter exists and if it does, can someone point me to it?

The kernel parameters should be listed at

The /boot/firmware/cmdline.txt is maybe parsed by another software and then translated into the correct kernel parameters.

I have gone through it, which is why I know the cgroup_memory is not a valid kernel parameter. Is there any way to know what is parsing cmdline.txt?