Does 20.10 support AMD's Big Navi?

With the announcement of RDNA 2 later this month and release sometime later this year or early next year, will 20.10 have support for Big Navi out of the box?


AMD’s new GPUs, RX 6000s get formally announced next week.

The KernelNewbies is a great site to find out what was changed in each kernel release. It looks like in kernel 5.9 there were a couple of commits that “Add initial support for Sienna Cichlid GPU” and “Add support for Navy Flounder GPUs” and most speculate that these are the new GPUs.

That said Ubuntu 20.10 shipped with kernel 5.8, so most likly the next release of Ubuntu will have support for the new GPUs.

Dang. Hope it gets backported to 5.8