Documentation Office Hours recording 3rd May 2024

9 tips for better writing

In this recording, we present our own informal and quite casually put together collection of thoughts on how to improve your approach to technical documentation.

From the benefits of poor memory and the relevance of anti-aliasing algorithms, to how the movie Tenet is an accurate metaphor for technical writing.

The slides for this presentation can be found here: 9_tips_for_better_writing.pdf

00:05 Welcome
00:15 Plan for future office hours
02:45 9 tips for better writing
03:50 Beginning to write
06:30 Give yourself time to think
08:20 Your writing will never be finished
10:40 Simplicity is key, but it’s difficult
13:05 Writing is both additive and subtractive
14:00 Be forgetful
15:30 Variety is essential
17:25 Ideas need a hook
18:25 Documentation as code
20:00 Writing is a position of privilege
21:25 Words are a serial interface
23:00 Discussions on the role of creativity

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