Documentation Office Hours recording 19th April 2024

Closed tasks review and an overview of a few open issues

In this recording, we go through a few of our completed tasks and talk a little about the work that was required. We then look at a couple of the issues that potential contributors may want to work on.

00:05 Welcome
01:41 Completed tasks
02:46 Task list overview
04:00 Our labelling system
05:37 Closed issues
06:15 Discourse-based documentation
07:43 Snapcraft example task
10:30 GitHub PR review and diff output
14:30 GitHub-based documentation
16:00 LXD example task
17:50 Programming-based task
18:00 Starter-pack example
22:30 Open issue tour
24:11 Multipass: improve language
25:00 Snap/deb comparison table
27:00 Question on why a potential move to YouTube Live
29:11 Mirroring tasks on other repositories